Which bible do you use?

People have been asking me which bible do I use. The truth is I use a youth bible – The Adventure Bible (NIV version). ISBN 0-340-59718-6  Published by Hodder & Stoughton

I use this because first and foremost it reminds me that following Christ is an adventure. You may have plans for your life but God always has something different in mind. It constantly reminds me that he is in charge of my life not me.

Secondly I use it because it contains useful background information pertaining to the text or asks important questions about it.

I think making you think about the text is important to your understanding of the text. This is something I have tried to do in my book  ‘A Heart of Dreams.’ We all need to be challenged about our faith on a daily basis.

Many people have asked me about the bible and how can they purchase a copy. It is for that reason I have included the details above.

Happy reading!!

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