The Resurrection

The resurrection appearances all have the same three things in common. They were:


In all the appearances the people were spiritually and physically bankrupt, demoralized, disillusioned and defeated. why? Because they took their eyes off Jesus. They were not expecting what was about to happen next.

We are sometimes like that, battered by the world we don’t expect God to work powerfully in our lives. Instead we live in fear and worry. We too easily forget that he is a God of the impossible.


The women and the disciples found the stone rolled away from the tomb. The angel rolled the stone away not to let Jesus out but to let others in to see he is risen.

His followers were confused,disbelieving. The world had never heard a message like that before. They just couldn’t bring themselves to believe what they saw. It was an impossible situation, too incredible to be true especially after what they had witnessed on Good Friday.


When everyone saw Jesus they were overjoyed. They saw and believed. It was undeniably Jesus. Any encounter with Jesus changes lives. The people were now filled with new hope and joy and this is the message of Easter.


What a transformation in a matter of days. His followers had gone from fear to faith. Christians cannot live in fear if they have faith in Jesus. How do we know Jesus lives – he lives within our hearts.

To his followers Jesus was the most important person in their lives. What is the most important thing in our lives?

A life of faith is a life of expectation. Do we expect the unexpected from God?

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