Christmas is time of giving, a time of loving and  a  time of new hope. Help us always to be mindful of others less fortunate than ourselves. As we give and receive presents this Christmas let us remember that the greatest gift of all is Jesus.

In a quiet moment amid the festivities, let us count our blessings and give thanks to God for everything he has given us because of his great love for us. Let us remember the gift of his son who was willing to die for each one of us on a cross, to cancel all our sins, that we may live forever with God.

Jesus was fully God and fully human, so he knows our pains and sufferings as he has been in our steps before us. Who then is better qualified than Jesus to help and guide us in the hope a new year brings.

This Christmas as we gaze on the nativity scene afresh, let us be transformed by the presence of the King of peace and ask ourselves what are we bringing to Jesus this Christmas.

As we look forward to the new year let us pray and think about what God is calling us to do.




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